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Company Profile & History

Clear Route Limited was originally established in 2003 as a Surveying Company and during 2013 we expanded our operations to include a range of Civil, Electrical and other services.

During the year of 2013 an opportunity arose to considerably expand the scope of the Company operations to include the full range of management systems, skills and competencies to deliver projects in accordance with the statutory regulations, guidelines and best practices establishing us as a contractor to the electricity companies, cable manufacturers, petrochemical companies, Network Rail, and other large industrial clients.

Clear Route Limited is now fully equipped to deliver all aspects of Electrical Utility work, including Cable Route Installation, Jointing & Testing up to 132kV as well as all associated Civil Works.

Our vision is to be nationally regarded as a leading provider of high quality, cost effective , engineering solutions for the utility sector, recognised for the provision of excellent standards of safety and customer service.

Clear Route Limited has always set ambitious targets for us to achieve, we believe that by setting these targets it provides us with goals to strive towards, keeping us constantly motivated and focused on improving every aspect of our Company.

Like any Company we are legally bound to make our best efforts to turn a year on year profit, profitability is therefore always a goal of any task that we undertake. As well as this basic underlying principle we endeavour to achieve:

  • Zero accidents, accidents are damaging to any company and at Clear Route‚Äôs the safety of our personnel, contractors and the public are paramount. So safety is a key part of our culture.
  • Zero environmental incidents, we understand the environment is a vital consideration and that projects should be executed in a manner that minimizes impact to the environment, both the natural environment and the community.
  • Zero defects, with the added benefit of improving our profitability, minimizing disruption to the public/stakeholders and importantly maintaining customer satisfaction.

We feel if we manage to achieve all of these above targets then we will be at the forefront of our industry and will be increasingly likely to be the contractor of choice for potential clients.

Mission Statement

How we are going to achieve the Vision and what we will ensure

  1. Seek new opportunities of sustainable business growth in our target business sectors.
  2. Develop and maintain our relationships with our existing clients and stakeholders.
  3. Comply with statutory and regulatory changes through detailed processes and business systems.
  4. Provide a working environment for our employees which places their health and safety as the highest priority of the Directors and Senior Managers.
  5. Encourage the development of our staff through investment in education and learning.

A proactive and committed approach to project and service delivery runs throughout Clear Route Limited. As a Company we wish to create sustainable solutions, we aim to become leaders in sustainability, business ethics and health and safety.

Clear Route Limited are aware that we have a responsibility to the communities in the areas where we work, to cause them the minimum disruption possible, this is something we take very seriously. We work closely with the local communities to keep them informed in advance of our activities and when required employing local labour and trade contractors wherever possible. As we continue to grow, there are some fundamental ideas deeply embedded within the Company that will never change

  • To maintain the core areas of our business
  • To maintain a leading position in selected home markets
  • To foresee and systematically manage risk
  • To enhance green expertise throughout our company
  • To maximise our sustainability
  • To be an industry leader in introducing and utilizing new technologies
  • To recruit, develop and retain competent employees

As a large business we take seriously our responsibilities to the communities in which we work, our employees, the companies with whom we do business and all our other stakeholders.

Clear Route Limited will over the next 12 months concentrate on all areas of its business operations to ensure that we may maximise the current Opportunities which we have, and position ourselves to respond to the Future market openings.

Business Planning and Review

The Directors and the Senior Management of the organisation will be Challenged with delivering the necessary improvements needed to ensure that Clear Route Limited can achieve its three key objectives, which will Necessitate investment to allow the development and introduction of Personnel, systems and procedures to deliver effective and efficient performance.

Profitability and Sustainability of the Company

The requirement to ensure that the Company can remain competitive in the modern market where the absolute need to demonstrate value for money to our customers must be matched with the needs of the Company through effective financial systems and controls to ensure we generate value for our Shareholder.

Compliance with Our Legal and Contractual Responsibilities

Our obligations are to ensure that we provide a Safe environment for all people and stakeholders who are involved or associated with us during the course of the works, as well as being able to deal with other significant legislative requirements such as the Traffic Management Act 2004, and the increasing challenges through new environmental controls effecting outworks and production.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

The commitment to our Customers both existing and hopefully future, will be to provide access to persons within the Company capable of understanding their needs and demands, and the relationship which is so important to us must be safeguarded through open honest dialogue and even when on those occasions we may not have performed to the expectations of one another.

Company Restructuring

The introduction of new competent and experienced personnel to assist with the programme of change and improvements which will allow the Company to fulfil its ambitions to grow are in progress and we are already beginning to realise those benefits through their contributions.

Education, Training and Development

At the heart of our planned improvements is the need to ensure we can enable our staff and sub-contractors to carry out their works to the standards we expect. This can only happen through ensuring that they have the necessary skills and competence to achieve the task, and we have commenced upon a programme of training and assessment with our production staff which we believe will provide benefits in all aspects of our works.

Peter Salmon


Clear Route Limited

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