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Tunnel Shaft Location Survey

An underground tunnel was being constructed underneath the streets of London, and a shaft down to the route of this tunnel was necessary to be excavated. Solution Prior to the proposed excavation of an access shaft to the underground tunnel,…

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Setting Out Services

An extension to the Docklands Light Railway to London City Airport, required piers and structures to be constructed to support the elevated railway. Solution Clear Route was instructed to set out the position of supporting reinforced concrete piers for the…

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Bathymetric Survey – Walthamstow Reservoirs

A new overflow structure is to be constructed across a common embankment between Walthamstow No.3 and No.5 Reservoirs. Detail of the reservoir bed level in Walthamstow No.3 Reservoir is required. Silt and bed levels were required on a 2 m…

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Bankside Tunnel Excavation

Bankside Tunnel

Background UK Power Networks (formerly EDF Energy) awarded Clear Route Limited a contract to install test and commission a new 11kV cable between Bankside Substation and Newington House in Central London. The Contract was awarded in 2010 with all works…

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Civil Engineering

Stanlow CCU Regen

Clear Route Utility Services Limited has been involved in the replacement of the Regeneration head at Stanlow. During a major shutdown period, the project was undertaken to replace the Regeneration Head of the CCU. The replacement head was delivered to site earlier in…

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