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Corporate Responsibility

Clear Route Limited recognise that as an organisation we have the potential to create an significant impact on our Stakeholders, Society and the Environment. To try and ensure that this impact is a positive one we have developed and implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

This statement commits our Board of Directors to reducing any negative impacts our Company could potentially have, and increasing any potential we have to have a positive one. To try and ensure that the Company conduct fits this model Clear Route Limited tries to ensure it’s actions are:

  • Responsible and ethical – We never knowingly purchase from any suppliers who manufacture in countries where child labour is prevalent. We audit our supply chain and our Subcontractors and we operate a safe, open and ethical guidance. We are continuously improving our management systems by ensuring full commitment from the Board of Directors on Health & Safety issues and reporting on these issues against performance targets.
  • Investing in our community – Our employees participate in community events and we support activities through donations where employees may have a personal interest. Clear Route Limited looks to invest our time in projects that focus on training and education.
  • Investing in our People – We provide and put our employees through apprenticeships & other training as needed. As an organisation we try to promote from within rather that keep hiring external candidates.
  • Long Term Thinking – We as an organisation we are always thinking ahead whether that be in innovation of new methods and technologies or forming important relationships in engineering research.


Please find our Corporate Social Responsibility statement available in full on this page.

Corporate Responsibility Policy Download

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