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Pre-Directional Drill Survey

Pre-Directional Drill Survey

A number of electricity ducts were to be installed, and with a section of the route involving a busy dual-carriageway and difficult terrain, the most economical option was to install these ducts with the use of Directional Drilling.


Clear Route undertook a survey prior to the installation of these electricity ducts by Directional Drilling. This survey identified all possible obstructions, and allowed the contractors to plan the directional drill accordingly.

As well as producing conventional plans showing the position of the underground services present, our specialist in-house software allows us to supply to the client a cross section of the proposed drill route. This shows the ground level, along with the position and depth of the obstructions to be avoided. These are shown with distances to each obstruction from the start position, along with depths to each. This section can be produced either on site immediately on completion, or conventionally in the office after drawing has been completed.

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